Friday, September 11, 2009

This week has really whirled by! I've accomplished quite a bit actually. It seems like forever and day that I've had 3 major projects sitting around half finished: my Helen chair, my wedding quilt and my Alice ottoman. I finally finished the seat for Helen:

Yesterday, I put my wedding quilt together. What a job! Sewing a quilt together that measures 91x101 is no small thing. It's a good thing I don't make these for a living. I happen to love the little imperfections in my own work. I have to be so much more careful when I'm selling something. Here it is on our bed. The big charm for me are the squares that have a bride and groom in a hot air balloon.

I've been thinking about starting up another 365 day self portrait project. Thinking about is the key phrase here. This month I turn 45. A lot of changes have happened over the past year or so. Big changes are about to come. The last major life change I went through brought out the photographer in me. I learned so much about myself through those self portraits. I've noticed that I haven't been interested in taking photos for a while now. I'd love to bring that back but I also know it's not something I can force. So for now, I'm merely thinking about it.....

What else? I'll be starting in with "B" recipes over at my food blog next week. Don't forget about the apron giveaway over there!


  1. Wow! You have been busy...I love the chair and the quilt is wonderful too.

  2. The quilt is awesome! I had never done one and that is in my list of things I want to accomplish!

  3. your quilt is beautiful! you are such a talent!

    peace and hugs