Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Sometimes I find myself remembering her.

An ex-best friend gave me this as a birthday present. It was supposed to symbolize the endless circle of friendship. She was one of the greatest sources of strength for me when I first found myself alone after my divorce. She was like a sister. I sat inches from her feet as her baby came in to the world. But she took advantage of my kindness and the circle was broken. We fell out over money, of all things. She needed to borrow a large sum and she knew I had a little money stashed away in savings. She also knew it was all I had to my name but I loved her like family and trusted her and lent it to her with the promise of paying me back. Slowly, she claimed near bankruptcy and deep depression and distanced herself from me. She absolutely knew of my hardships as a single mother raising 2 kids and yet, whenever I saw her, she always had her hair and nails perfectly done and a refrigerator full of food. She made endless promises to repay me in small installments. She never did. After a while it was no longer about the money; it was a matter of respect and moral fiber. I was hurt that she cared more about herself than honoring me as a friend and kind human being. Eventually, she stopped calling me altogether. Every now and then, I wonder how she is able to look at herself in the mirror. Every now and then I wonder if her conscience got the best of her and I’ll find a check in the mail. I’ve moved on to an amazing new life but still….sometimes I find myself remembering her.

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  1. Great post, really makes you think!

  2. Your post definatley hit home with me. Some life lessons really stick with you.

  3. Very thought provoking... I've been in the same situation, and have vowed to never lend money to a friend or mix business and friendship again. In the end you both lose. Sad but true.

  4. Wow, what a sad story to go along with your six words. I have found that money tends to be a huge fighting issue in relationships. I also have previous friends who I wonder about, but sometimes it's way better to have people like that out of your life.

  5. It is sad that some people will let go of an awesome friendship for money. I am sorry about that.

  6. I understand what your post so well
    it is sad but I am a firm believer in Karma and
    well I am sure she will feel it one day as well. to bad she let just an amazing friend like you go

    peace and hugs

  7. Just a thought - - sometimes I have found that "releasing" objects/thoughts/feelings I have with another person lightens up the energy and brings space for .........(fill in the blank) to come in.
    Thank you for your honesty and integrity.