Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This blog is moving back to my original Painted House blog. Please visit over here for all the new posts!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Weekend Review

We had a great weekend. The weather was beautiful and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sun. On Saturday, we took the kids to a funky little shopping area outside of the city. To my utter delight, I found a box of "The Housewives Taro: A Domestic Divination Kit." I have a small collection of Taro decks and this was one that I know is utterly unique! Check out these images. The deck comes in a box that's arranged like a recipe box. Some of the tab dividers have recipes from the 1950's. I love it.

Breen and I checked out a new church yesterday. It's going to be a slow process since our spiritual beliefs are pretty specific. I keep thinking that we'll walk in to a church and know immediately that it's our new home. But I'm not sure it works that way. Still, we're taking small steps out there to hopefully find it.

This morning (and all of yesterday), I've been fighting a head cold. The kind that doesn't make you feel miserable but just enough to be downright annoying. So I'm taking it easy.

I'm considering moving this blog over to The Painted House blog. I miss my original blog that I started so many years ago. It was the birthplace of my writing and my blog community connections. I had started to use it for my art only but I'm beginning to see that I like one place to blog about everything.

Last, but not least, some photos from the weekend:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday: what do you wish to experience?

Within the past year and half, I've been given the blessing of new beginnings. A clean slate. A blank canvas. I pocketful of seeds. As each day comes and goes, tiny patches of light are revealed so that I can see just a tiny bit more on this path. It's taken me this long to realize that time spent time travelling back to my past is unproductive and a waste of blessings. Life is right here. Right now. In this moment. There is so much to experience. So much to jump up and down with joy for.

I wish to experience:

*The process of writing a book. I've started writing down the foundation.

*Taking my knitting skills to a higher level

*Owning my own business one day. Perhaps a store filled with art, coffee, books, poetry readings, acoustic music nights and lots of good conversations with my community.

*The freedom of not looking back and the joy of living every single moment.

*The perfect livelihood

*The perfect unique house for Breen and me.

*bottomless joy, never ending possibilities and fearless action

*creating a website for all of my creations and actually selling them (this is a BIG challenge since I'm not exactly tech savvy)

*deeper connections with my faith and my community

*going back to school to get certified in teaching; ultimately in Special Education

Monday, November 2, 2009

planting new seeds

If you've been following along for a while, you know that I'm job hunting. More important than "job hunting" is the search for my right livelihood. So often I think people stay inside their boxes. Especially those of us who have accumulated years of life experiences plus the conditioning we got over and over again from our childhoods. We tell ourselves limiting thoughts and after a while we forget the joy of unlimited possibilities. I am so tired of finding myself harping over my age and skill set. I'm so tired of being intimidated by my ex, even though we haven't been together for years.

Today I realized that I've been looking back too much and reflecting on my past experiences. My first marriage was the worst 12 years of my adulthood. Woven in there are the jobs I took which really did nothing for my spirit. But guess what? I'm no longer in that crappy marriage and I'm no longer working those crappy jobs. Sure I'm 45 but I've also been given the most amazing blessing of a new marriage to an amazing man and finding myself with no job. It's like I've been given a whole new plot of land to plant some new seeds. A blank canvas to paint. In my mind and spirit I can be ageless. I can feel the joy of starting just where I am today with a handful of seeds and a plot of fresh tilled soil. If you're over 30, do you remember when you were fresh out of high school and the world was your oyster? Many of us had no kids back then. No real bills. No real responsibilities. Everything was new and full of possibility. We can still go back there any time and at any age just by changing our thinking habits. I don't have to keep time travelling to my past and limit my thinking or define myself by the skill sets that never served me well in the first place. Having new seeds to sow is my biggest gift and blessing. That, my friends, is joy. Pure joy.