Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Check this out. A new apron that I whipped up yesterday using some heavy weight designer fabric that I got from my friend Loretta. I've got enough left over to make another apron or an over sized tote bag. Or maybe even a journal cover or two. When Breen came home, he saw the apron and loved it. Something about the retro mod 60's where are my thigh high white pleather Go Go boots???

Yesterday, I hit one of those "stay at home blues" moments. I had been doing the job search thing and got a call back from one potential employer whom I had been playing phone tag with since the middle of last week. He really got caught with his pants down because he really had no idea who I was. He proceeded to chat with me like he'd known me for years. I thought it was a little awkward and strange until I realized that the fucktard had no clue why he was returning my call but engaged me with pointless babble about the holiday weekend and such. Finally I called him on the carpet by asking him if he knew who I was. I reminded him that he had asked me to call him on Tuesday to arrange an interview (not talk about his yacht sailing). Turns out he already filled the position and he got very professional and impersonal after that. So there I was in a hot house with 8 loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes and I said to myself, "God damn it, I have to get out of here!". I took myself on a long bike ride. It was really what I needed. Blue skies, clearing my head and some good aerobic workout. It's hard to believe that there were times over the past 20 years of working that I fantasized about being home. Now I'm home and there are days when it feels like the walls are closing in. Yeah, I need to get back to work.


  1. LOL..don't ya love it???!! Not so much.
    I adored the apron and your daughter is right very 1960's mod...looove it!! We are tie dying this week - pretty much anything that will not move..hmmmm I do need a new apron...
    I have an inhome preschool...sooooo yup am with you there. There are days I wonder if there are adults out there still and what was I thinking..etc. But truly I'm happy and the bike ride sounds heavenly!!! Hang in there girl!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  2. or you could just continue to make an empire of aprons because i LOVE this one!! oh my gosh, its soooo fabulous!! i would totally wear it out and about, tee hee

  3. Well good thing you didn't get the job with Mushforbrains. Can you imagine working for that? Lawdy.

    That apron.

  4. OK, screw the job search, you need to open a line of funky aprons and sewing!!!

    God dammit is right tho, its probably best that you didnt get it, imagine dealing with that douche everyday? hahahaha...

    You'll find the perfect job, its waiting for you, dont worry ;)

  5. I love your aprons! they are awesome and Jane have faith the right job is out there for you it just has not found you yet!!

    peace and hugs