Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday....back on the horse

It's sure been lovely having a nice long weekend with my husband. But it's Tuesday morning and time to get back on the horse, as they say. This morning, I'm thinking about:

1. My job search and how to implement a much more aggressive strategy
2. What will my next creative project be now that I'm finished with my sun surf tops
3. Gratitude and blessings
4. Houses
5. How do I take this time of unemployment and turn it in to something totally new and exciting for myself?
6. Our upcoming honeymoon
7. some new vegetarian dishes
8. altered clothing

This past weekend, we visited my parents and I came home with an armful of my favorite flower:

Breen is the Green Thumb Guru around here. Check out the avocado plant that he potted. We weren't sure if the seed would even take but now it has a 6 inch sprout! Holy Guacamole :)))

Was any one out there curious about the progress of my Helen chair??? Okay, okay....I'll show you. Check out the crown:


  1. I love avocados! And making guacamole!

    Your Helen chair is wonderful. You can really see in it's progress how much you've enjoyed putting all those neat colors and sayings together. Breen is going to feel so honored sitting in it. Bravo, Jane!

  2. Did you say upcoming honeymoon? WHoop! :)

    I love your Helen chair. I totally see it as part of a theatrical set design!

  3. Beautiful! In every way!!!