Friday, July 17, 2009


Some mornings find me still lounging in my husband's boxers sipping coffee long after he's left for work and the dishes are still piled up and the laundry still needs to be switched up and the resumes need to be send out. I contemplate:

The sense of time
The hours and how they can be spent
The feel of a new writing pen
Conversations (or lack of) with my children just an hour before
New ideas
Old patterns
Renting a bulldozer to create new paths

And these hands.....

They contemplate

Why the same hands that write down a million ideas are the same hands that don't always make the ideas come to life

The feel of paint on them

The lines of my husband's body

The odd combination of my mother's big knuckles and my paternal grandmother's slender fingers and how genetics and generations really do shape our patterns

The next word to be written

The next food ingredient to be felt

And these feet....

They contemplate

The many miles they have traveled

The places they want to go

The dance steps they want to dance

The perfect inked circle on my left ankle that constantly serves to remind me to walk a life in balance

The feel of my daughter's feet touching mine under the Dining Room table. Even when we are feeling hurt and can't find the words, we find the tiniest ways to communicate.

Walking barefoot and feeling the earth and sand and pavement under my feet

How, so many years ago, the bottom of my foot was gashed open from a heavy glass that was thrown at me by an abusive boyfriend. It was a long journey over the years but I came to an absolute understanding that I would never be treated badly by anyone ever again. I have a real problem to this day when I see women being treated (and accepting) this kind of behavior from men. Take your feet, stand up tall and walk down a different road.


  1. You got it! What a beautiful blog post, you greatly inspire me to create.

    I was in an abusive relationship, mostly emotionally, it only turned physical once. I am not sure why I stuck in it for so long, but I've learned never to put myself in the same situation again. The heart learns, even when the brain forgets. It pains me to see women in abusive relationships, why do they stay? Why did we stay? Everyone doesn't get out, it worries me sometimes.

    Again, beautiful post, just hope that coffee wasn't too hot! ;)

  2. Great post!

    Recently, I made an appt. to get a tattoo done. The girl books a month in advance so I'm still waiting. It's a rather long story of how and why I came to want one so I won't go into all that here.
    But just wondering, do you have other tattoos, or would you get more?

  3. YAY!!!
    This post really resonates with me Jane.
    I too, have reached a place in my life where NO LONGER will I tolerate any abuse in any form.
    Also, I've developed an almost 6th sense of seeing the red flags go up immediately, and I can spot these losers a mile away!
    You are so blessed to have Breen...and he's lucky to have found you!

    Great post!

  4. What a beautifully poetic post! The part of your feet touching that of your daughter's brought a lump to my throat!

  5. Jane I so Love your post today

    it was totally inspiring and awesome

    peace and hugs