Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday and new ideas

Yesterday, I had a "working interview" with a company close by. This was actually my second interview. I was invited back after the first to come in for a few hours so that the owners could see how I fit in to their environment and I could see how I would fit there. Brilliant idea actually. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to go because I truly believe that every new experience brings me more opportunities to expand my knowledge and learn more from others and myself. At the end of the "work day", I sat down with the owners. It turns out that they are interested in perhaps hiring me for part-time work (20 hours per week)and they would like to utilize a specific skill set of mine. I had actually downplayed this skill set for a long time but it hit me yesterday on the way home that I could actually strengthen that skill set even more and perhaps change career directions with it. In addition, I started out on this job searching process with the mindset that I must take a 40 hour week 9-5 job. But then I was reminded of the time when my son was a baby and I was working from home. I needed someone to come to my house for a few hours every day to help with the baby so that I could get work done. I had the mindset that the ideal person would be a certain age and would work specific hours. Each person I interviewed was crazier than the last. Finally, a high school girl answered my ad. She was only able to work after school and through dinner. She didn't meet my age or hours requirement and I almost told her no. But something told me to think outside of my original box and talk to her. Not only did she take the job; the hours she worked turned out to be perfect and she was so smart and likable that she worked for me all the way through her college years in the summers. She was the best person I ever had with my kids. The point here is that I am finally open to the idea of looking outside the box with my job search. What if I worked 20 hours a week with a steady pay and dedicated at least the other 20 hours to creating my own art business? It could be perfect and if this company offers me the right deal, I might just say yes. Who knows where all of this could lead.......

In the meantime, it's Friday and the weekend is here. I plan to relax, read, sew and create.


  1. I hope you do all you want this weekend and I am hoping this works out for you

    peace and hugs

  2. Oh, what a great blend, Jane! Sounds REALLY good. And thinking outside of the box is always good in my book. Can't wait to hear it happens... xo, O

  3. Yes Jane!
    I think this would be a great idea. 20/20
    Go for it girl!