Thursday, July 23, 2009

A brief introduction to Alice....

Now that Helen is nearly done, it's time to introduce you to Alice. Alice (as in Alice in Wonderland) used to be a neglected, unattractive over sized ottoman frame. I've had the ottoman for ages. In fact, she almost got thrown in the trash when I moved from my old house. But something told me to drag her along with me. She was nameless until yesterday when Breen came home from work, took one look and declared that he was seeing Alice in Wonderland. This is one way ideas are born. I've said it before and I'll say it 1000 times again: my husband brings so much inspiration and color to my life; he's the indescribably beautiful crayon that was always missing from my box of Crayola Crayons.

So this morning, I started to research Alice in Wonderland lines and wacky colors/patterns. I'm envisioning a wild ottoman with Alice quotes all over it. The seat will most likely be hand painted canvas with strips of black and white fabric sewn on in strategic places. I bought 3/4 yard of the harlequin fabric for Helen's seat and since I hate to waste things, I'm using what's left on Alice. I'm sure she won't mind....

Be patient with my photos please. Since my computer was wiped out by a virus, I have no post processing software. It's kind of like going out of the house without a trace of make-up and hoping that you don't run in to an old friend in the produce aisle!

Here's Helen:

Here's the beginning of Alice:


  1. Your chair, pardon me, Helen looks awesome. You're so creative. Good idea to name them too!

  2. Your creativity (and your sense of humour), never cease to amaze me!

    Pleased to meet you Helen and Alice.

  3. Helen and Alice already seem to be such great companions!!!
    Congratulations on your inspiring work!!!

  4. Helen is gorgeous and Alice soon will be. You're very good at this that you do.