Thursday, July 2, 2009

A sewing lesson for my life

Yesterday I had an interview. I thought it went pretty well but I'm not sure. They have several other candidates to interview and "they'll be in touch". This job market is a waiting game. I love to go on interviews because, even if I am not offered the job, it gives me a tremendous opportunity to sharpen my interview skills. One awareness that I had yesterday is that I crave more and more to be my own boss. I was interviewed by a woman who was not much older than me and I sat there thinking to myself:

a. I'm tired of being someone elses assistant all the time
b. If this woman owns a company, why couldn't I?

Every day keeps bringing me tiny pieces of awareness of what I don't want for my life. I may not know right now what it is that God intended for me but at least I can eliminate what doesn't work for me.

On the creative front, I am so excited that I cut my pattern for the Sun Surf Halter Top yesterday and I finished it this morning. It's not perfect but I love it just the same. I can see my sewing style emerging. This is only the second thing I've ever made from a pattern and for the most part, I'm self taught. I am coming to learn that although there is a general pattern to follow, it has to be modified to fit my style. Then I realized that my life is so much like that process; I always seem to seek ways to deviate ever so slightly from the generic pattern. Who knew I would learn another life lesson from a Pfaff sewing machine and a tissue paper pattern?! Go over here to see the finished top!


  1. Why couldn't you own your own company, Jane? Allow yourself to dream and think about what you'd do "if you could" and if money was no object. See what comes up! With encouragement, O

  2. you will follow your dreams and they will come true

    peace and hugs