Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday...creating up a storm

It's already Thursday and the week has simply been flying by! I've been creating up a storm over here. My Dining Room houses most of my art supplies and it looks like a bomb went off on the Dining Room table. But it's such a good thing, that I barely care.

The Universe and God have been very good to me. I've been connected with some living angels. My friend Loretta is an amazing seamstress and designer. She gives me boat loads of left over fabrics for quilting and aprons. She's a source of unlimited creative inspiration. Today, I'm meeting her for lunch and she's giving me her old color printer/scanner which I am going to set up in the corner of my studio Dining Room. My friend David is so well connected in the art field. He gives me boat loads of old furniture to lovingly hand paint. In fact, he's got a whole room in his warehouse for the furniture that he saves for me. My friend Wayne is a very gifted photographer and we are planning on a creative collaboration. Just this morning, Breen looked at my work and had a brain storm for an incredible idea for a new direction that I could take my art. With all of these creative and supportive forces in my life, why not go for it?!

Go here to see today's art work over at The Painted House.

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