Friday, June 5, 2009


This week has simply flown by so quickly. One of the greatest things I've learned this week is the importance of establishing some daily rituals. Notice how I say "rituals" instead of "routines"? For me, the word "routine' conjures up images and feelings of doing something that feels tedious, overly repetitive and boring. The word "ritual" brings to my mind the feeling of doing something sacred, healthy and fulfilling for myself.

My mother is coming today to help me organize some rooms in the house. I'm grateful for this. My linen closet is a heaping mess of tangled sheets and towels. Kendall's room is completely sloppy and unorganized; I might play around with rearranging the furniture in her room. The list could go on and on. I know I can't get on top of everything in one day; it takes some time. But today is a good start.

Check out yesterday's journal page over HERE at The Painted House ;))


  1. Don't let her near my stuff :)

    Love you!!!

  2. I need to be aware of words that I use at times. When I think of housework sometimes I think it's such a chore, or even drudgery. I need to keep in mind that like each one of us, our homes need 'loving kindness' too.
    Hmmm.... I almost want to go put a load of laundry in now. Well.... almost. ;)

    Have a nice time with your Mom!

  3. I love the word you use it is great
    I will now think of it in those terms as well

    Peace and Hugs