Sunday, August 30, 2009


I sure am glad we canceled our camping trip; it's been raining all weekend. Sleeping in a tent in the mud is simply no fun. But I'm recalling a memory of all the camping we did as a kid. My parents had one of those Nimrod pop-up tent campers and we went every summer. I used to love laying in the camper listening to the rain drops fall on the canvas. There's just something about sleeping outside that makes me feel alive. Today, I had hoped to get my kayak in the water while Breen does a 3 hour ride. I've hardly been out on the water at all this summer and I miss it.

Yesterday, I did manage to get myself to The Produce Junction. I love that place. I get loads of fresh fruit and veggies for around $20. It all comes in bulk so you have to be sure to use it within a few days. Plus, it's in a section of the city where it's great for "people watching" while you're standing in line. Sometimes I'm not sure what's more colorful: the produce or the customers. I was thrilled to score a huge bouqet of 25 roses for $4.50. Now, I've got 2 vases brimming over with flowers that will ut a smile on my face all week.


  1. What a great deal! The roses are lovely, thanks for sharing this moment with us!

  2. Love the roses. Hopefully you can get to the water soon...