Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art Sale (a new spin on the Yard Sale)

So, I've had this creative flash for a few months now: I'd like to have an Art Sale at my house within the next 2 months. Not only does it give me some time to work up a decent inventory, it also would be nice to have it during the cooler weather. If it caught on, I could have more and eventually, I could invite other local artists to participate. I think we all would love to sell directly. I can see clearly in my mind's eye:

Food and drink out on the front porch
A table with my jewelry and cake stands
Collage prints
Journals in baskets
Aprons hanging all around

If people have yard sales, why not an art sale? It would certainly be nice to get my name out there locally. Still, people are funny about selling so I'll be checking with the township to make sure it's OK before I start plastering my fliers all over town.

Here are some necklaces that I'll be putting on my Etsy Shop. The middle one is my grandfather and that one will not be for sale. BUT...I will use it as an example of custom work. Every time I wear him, I get a zillion compliments. I love having him near my heart :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea! Two years ago I started an annual 'art show' at our church to help raise funds for our yearly mission trip. It was a huge success... I asked artists to donate one to three pieces of art for a silent auction to be held at the end of the show. We set up and displayed everything in out fellowship hall and it was like a little SOHO gallery experience! You may consider offering a % of sales to your favorite's a wonderful way to share your talents with a worthy cause! Good luck!

  2. I had gone to quite a few "art sales" for charity mostly. I would recommend to keep prices affordable, but fair to you as well. The last one I went to the cheapest thing they had was about 100 dls. so as much as many people wanted to buy I kept hearing that it was too expensive for them to do, so instead they were donating 20-30 dls to the church directly. Good luck as it is a really neat thing to do.

  3. I Love your idea and I like your necklaces they are great I will check out your Esty shop

    peace and Hugs