Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's raining today. I'm hoping that the weather will be beautiful for Breen's triathlon this coming weekend. I'm certainly looking forward to getting away for part of the weekend.

This week has been busy. Tomorrow, I have a second round of interviews for a possible job offer. I'm looking at this now with excitement. I'm very much ready to put on a new pair of shoes and walk a new path. Whether it be this job or something else, I am ready. Yesterday we had a staff meeting and I think it really helped in putting closure to end of our jobs here. This morning as I was driving to work, I got thinking about all of the things I would love to be doing as a creative artist: write a book, make lots of art and start a business somehow. But I also got thinking that it doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" choice. I can be successful in a non-art related field and I can be a successful artist all at the same time. If I open myself up to all sorts of opportunities to stretch and learn and grow then maybe, just maybe, I'll have to make a choice with my successes. Imagine that!

Today, I made a bold move and contacted the editor at Vegetarian Times. I explained my vegetarian blog and asked if they would check it out and consider mentioning it on their website or in their magazine. I would love to get more readership there plus I am more than open to advise and tips from vegetarians who have been doing this a whole lot longer. Next step....get my aprons up on my Etsy store and write a letter to Martha :))) Hey, why not...a girl can dream big, can't she???


  1. How exciting! :) I am thrilled for you. For some reason, I got goosebumps of anticipation after reading your post. The energy just rips right through the screen!

    I need your email addy to send you your interview questions :)

  2. Yes, yes, dream BIG! I too am thrilled for you, Jane. Blessings and dreams, O

  3. Hey Jane, good for you! I love VM and why wouldn't they list your blog?!

    Dreams: It's a part of who we are as humans and creative souls, we'd be aimless without them.

    I have an art journal with this in the front:

    "That's the way it is with your dreams. They scratch at your door. You see them through the peep hole: A stray dream looking for a home. You think it might go away if you ignore it. Wrong. It's still there when you open the door, smiling. Wagging it's tail."

    Isn't that a great thing to remember about our dreams...the truth of it all.


  4. I know your dreams will come true and I am glad to read about them and follow them on your blog!

    peace and hugs to you my friend!