Monday, May 4, 2009


It's been raining for 2 days now and supposedly for the rest of this week. I don't mind it too much because it helps all the flowers and grass grow. Soon enough it will be hot as hell.

I've started a third blog on my "meatless year" journey(yes, I know I'm overly ambitious). Go check out today's post here.

This weekend flew by. Breen and I actually got a "date night" and a chance to go to church on Sunday morning. Since my ex has not taken the kids for over a year, a date night is a big deal around our house. I hadn't been to church in weeks and weeks. But yesterday's service really spoke to me for some reason. Maybe because I'm about to face a whole new set of changes and I need to hear the words that anchor me. This week, a lot of the sermon was about the power of words and thoughts. There is a vibrancy associated with the words and thoughts we put out there; what ever is put out there is what we receive back. Every sermon is concluded with an assignment for the upcoming week. This week, the assignment is to think of one thing about your life that you would like to change and each day imagine that the change is already yours. So of course with my impending job search, I'm creating a lifestyle in my mind that I want to see. But it really goes beyond just a job. Ever since I graduated from college I've worked. But I have to say that I've pretty much taken jobs to earn a paycheck to pay my bills. I can't say that I've been truly passionate and stoked to get up every day and sit in an office from 9-5 in front of a computer. For the past year, I've been in a windowless office with no co-workers except my boss who comes in a few days in the afternoons. This does not serve me. I'm a people person. I like color and air and stimulation. I've been slowly dying on the vine.

When I was married before, I willingly stayed in an unhealthy marriage for way too long simply because I was afraid to leave and be on my own. It didn't serve me. When we finally did separate and divorce, a whole new world opened up for me. I found my sense of adventure and humor and ability to write. I discovered how much I liked going places and talking to complete strangers. I discovered art and cooking and photography. When the huge weight was taken off my shoulders, it made room for the most amazing man in my life whom I am now married to. I feel the same about this whole job thing. I stayed too long in a job that ultimately was not serving me. It did not show off my God given gifts. I have to imagine if I was given all the blessings I have since my divorce, the same will be true with new directions after the weight of this job is lifted off my shoulders.

Today I envision that I already have the tools and abilities to have an amazing, fulfilling and satisfying career. And I am excited.


  1. The rain finished up just in time for the bbq part of my grandson's birthday party on Saturday!

    I'm excited for you! I know many of your visions will play out in life just perfectly. Keep creating!

  2. If you hadn't had courage, you would still be in that other marriage wondering what to do about it. Instead, you're building a new life. Pretty amazing, I think.