Thursday, October 1, 2009

A moment on my soap box

Indulge me, just for a minute or two. Every now and then I climb up on to my soap box and I need to be heard.

Recently, my mother gave me a make-up bag that was filled with some skin care samples. One of her friend's daughters works in the make-up department of a big department store. Through her friend, my mother is a recipient of all the latest products. So, this morning I decided to empty the bag and use it in my handbag. Here are the things I found:

I just can't help but wonder how many billions of dollars are spent by women all over the globe who think that products like these will make them look more beautiful. I suffered through a loveless marriage for over a decade. When I finally found my freedom, I started to unearth pieces of me that were in a coma for so long. In that time of self-discovery, I glowed like a 1000 watt light bulb. People noticed it. And you know what? I wasn't using an ounce of make-up or expensive skin care products that promised me the rebirth of my youth. I was sexy. I was vibrant. And that comes from the INSIDE OUT. Too many women forget that true beauty can not be purchased at any price. We buy in to these companies that prey on our egos like vultures. One company, in particular, is shameless enough to tap in to our spiritual appeal. Check out these products from "Philosophy":

When hope is not enough ($50.00 for 60 capsules. I kid you not). A replentishing eye cream that magically removes wrinkles while you sleep.

How about "Handmade?". Create with your hands, heal with your hands, touch with your hands, work with your hands, extend your hands and PRAY with your hands.

Give me a break! This is how I pray with my hands. Every single morning. And I don't need to shell out $10.00 for one ounce so that God will admire my soft hands and listen to me a little closer.


  1. Um, hello? Was sexy? Was vibrant? You ARE!

  2. Well said. We don't need any make up or such to be or feel beautiful. Nothing wrong with using make up if you like it, but not as a savior. You are a beautiful person :)

  3. Great words today! How true and sad that these cosmetic companies thrive on our insecurities. You will rarely see an ad such as these directed at men...but then again men are told they need cars and beer (and viagra) to be real men. We need to stop buying into all of this nonsense!

  4. O.K. that being said, I can understand your dislike for the marketing and expense of products like these BUT...I am an esthetician and keeping your face clean and moisturized is very important. Being hydrated from within and eating right is just as important (as is using sunscreen). Also don't underestimate the quality of drugstore products. I've used products that cost a fraction of the price of upscale ones that are just as effective. Some people feel the need to buy into the "beauty trap", it justifys them overspending on silly useless products.

  5. Right on!! Please, get on your soapbox more often.